Sup Playa People

Greeting someone is very important. It’s why dads spend so much time teaching their sons how to handshake properly growing up.


Handshakes aside though, I think you can tell a lot about someone just by what comes out their mouth when they first speak to you.

You of course have your:

“Hello” people

“Hey there” people

“Hi ya” people

“Wassup” people

“Yo” people

“Hey dude” people

“Sup man” people

“How’s it going?” people


You may know one of these people. You may know all of them. Each one has a place in this world.

However, in my experiences, there is no one like “Sup playa” people.

Say it out loud one time for me.

“Sup playa.”

No matter how you say it, it sounds cool. Throw a little attitude on it, makes it even cooler. Ease off on it. Say it kind of casually. Still very cool.

I think these people are at the top of the hierarchy of people. When you’re someone who greets people with “Sup playa”, you exuberate confidence. You come off as someone who is perfectly content with their place in the world. You give the feeling that, not only are you important, but so is the person you’re speaking to. All in two words.


I remember my first experience with a “Sup playa” person. I was having a couple people over for a little gathering. This casual Caucasian girl who I never met entered my house. She greeted me with a “Sup playa.”

I was stunned. Playa? Was I a “playa”? Was she talking to me?

She was. But that didn’t matter. She was a “Sup playa” person and that was how she greeted people.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and it made me feel cool. I was happy to be a “playa”.

It was then that I realized that I wanted to become a “Sup playa” person. I wanted to greet everyone I met with a “Sup playa” also.

So, I set out to do it and it wasn’t easy. It first came simpler via text. If I wanted to start a conversation with someone, I’d simply text them with a “Sup playa”.

Real life conversations took a little bit longer. I kept trying though and pushing through, trying to ease it into my greetings. Every once and a while I would catch myself saying something like “Sup man” and I would think that next time I would say “Sup playa”.

Well ladies and gentlemen, after much hard work and effort, I can now say that I am officially a “Sup playa” person. When I greet people, it’s with a “Sup playa” and it comes so naturally.person-153536_640

People notice too. I see my friends beginning to pick up the trend and become “Sup playa” people also. It’s a beautiful thing.

I challenge all reading this to begin trying to be a “Sup playa” person. See how it changes your life. Then when you’re ready, you can begin workings on your goodbyes and salutations.

You can begin saying things like, “Peace out playas”.

While obviously not as cool as “Sup playa”, it does help solidify your “Sup playa”-ness.

So, with all that being said, peace out playas! and goodluck in your “Sup playa” efforts.

041127-N-3019M-004 Marine Corps Air Base Kaneohe, Hawaii (Nov. 27, 2004) - A family member of a Sailor assigned to the ÒSkinny DragonsÓ of Patrol Squadron Four (VP-4), waves goodbye to her father as he departs aboard an C-40A Clipper assigned to the ÒLonestar ExpressÓ of Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Five Nine (VR-59) for a scheduled deployment to the 5th and 7th Fleet areas of operations in the Western Pacific. A total of 390 Sailors from VP-4 are scheduled to deploy over the next week in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom (OIF). U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 3rd Class Ryan C. McGinley (RELEASED)

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