The Amazingness That is RVs

There are a couple things in this world that holds a special place in everyone’s heart. Your bed. Your home. And your car.

Now I ask you, what if you combined those things into one spectacular contraption? The love for it would be enormous, right? A bed on wheels with a house attached. Everyone would love it.

Well my friends, I’m happy to tell you that that invention has already been made, and its none other than… the RV.

I’m not crazy people. Stay with me.

I was once silly and foolish and ignorant to the awesomeness that is RVs. Then one day, one of my friends suggested that we rent one for a road trip to Clemson to watch our Seminoles take on the Tigers.

I figured that seeing the game would be cool, but I didn’t figure the best part of the trip wouldn’t be the game, the new city, the parties or anything like that. No. Those all fell short to the RV.

The RV man! We wanted to get to Clemson bad, but when we pulled up to the RV lot, we realized the journey there would be something special.

We hopped in. We snapchatted. We nose-go’d who would be the first driver. We claimed our sleeping spots. And then we hit the road.

It was everything we could ask for and then some.

What happened in the RV must stay in the RV, so I can’t get in to too much details about the happenings. What transpired also could get my friends and I into trouble with the law, so let’s just say a lot of greatness went down within those moving walls.

Then, when we finally got to our destination, we parked the RV in a hotel parking lot, explored the new city, but for some reason kept finding ourselves back in the RV.

We’d be at the bar and then be like, “Ehhh… Let’s go to the RV!”

We’d be at a party and then be like, “Ehhh… Let’s go to the RV!”

We’d be anywhere and someone would suggest going back to the RV, and it always felt like a good call. Despite the size and the crampness, the RV was awesome and other people agreed!

Girls we knew, guys we knew, random Clemson residents and even the owner of the hotel all came into the RV to spend time in what we called the Cream Machine.

(RV Tip: one must always name the RV before embarking on the journey)

I can’t quite break it all down, but there was something special about being in such tight quarters, jamming to music, drinking, and just having the time of our lives. A level of intimacy was shared with everyone in there that I don’t think would have happened in a hotel room, a tent, or another living arrangement.

When the trip was all said and done, it was one of my favorite trips of all time. Not because we beat Clemson?… We lost… Not because we were in a new city?… I had already visited two years prior.

The trip was great because the RV was great. It was the game changer.

So, I encourage everyone if you’re ever considering renting an RV to do it, pull that trigger, and enjoy the ride.

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