Why Chris Cox is the Perfect Roommate

About a year and a half ago, I walked into my apartment and met my random roommate Christopher Cox… Yes. Christopher Cox… If his name sounds like that of a character made up for a daytime soap opera… that’s because it is.

Chris took my blaring of Taylor Swift every gameday like a champ (her 1989 album had dropped that year and I declared every song on it our official gameday anthems), and he accepted the fact that I would only do the dishes maybe once every two months. Together, we became Nappy Boy and Pretty Boy. Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron. Batman and Superman. And The Weeknd and J-Biebs. Besides Chris eating your food and blaming it on anyone else, Chris makes a great roommate and here are the top reasons why.

1. He’s a male nurse

Who needs to see a doctor when you live with a male nurse!… in training… in school…. or something… Break your arm? No fret and go to Chris. Tonsil fall out? Just chill and go to Chris. Missing a pinky toe? There’s never a need to worry when Chris is your roommate.

2. He loves to cook

He reminds me of the guy on Ratatouille. You don’t expect it from him, but Chris is an artist in the kitchen. I took advantage of this more than anything else. All I would have to say is “Chris, you tryna cook?” and his mind would start thinking about what he could create. He usually only wanted a bite of whatever his creation was and I would get the rest. It didn’t matter what time it was either. 3 in the morning, coming home from a drunken night out, I knew Chris had me on my before-bed-drunk-meal.

3. He has a pet polar bear

I don’t know what led Chris to thinking that an Alaskan Yeti would make the best pet, but he went and got himself one… and it’s awesome.

4. He looks like Justin Bieber

… and this girl from Orange is the New Black.

5. He’s a great karaoke partner

Only a handful of times have I met someone who is down for karaoke as much as I am… One of those people is Chris Cox. More times than I can count have we gone out, met some girls, brought them back using the line “Let’s go back to our place and sing karaoke,” only to disappoint them when they realized we were dead serious… all we wanted to do was sing karaoke.

6. He loves Disney movies

While not on par with me when it comes to love for Disney movies, Chris understands that sometimes you just need to chill and throw on a Disney movie.

7. His closet rivals a young Kim Kardashian’s 


Chris has enough clothes to wear something different everyday for the next four years. On the off chance you need one extra accessory for your outfit, or just feel dressing like a Swedish hipster fused with a young New York entrepreneur, then Chris’s closet is the place to go.

8. He studies just enough

Being a nurse doesn’t come easy and Chris knows that. He gets his studying somehow someway, and it’ll motivate you just enough to stop your Netflix Binge-a-thon and do something productive.

9. He feeds your ego like no one else

Chris’s ego is up there with Kanye’s, Bobby Brown’s, and mine… if I do say so myself. A byproduct of this is that we’ve learned to bring each other up and feed each other’s egos until we feel like we’re rock stars who #DontDoLines, #DontPayCover, and are #NHFB. It can get out of hand sometimes where the only thing that can bring us down are some heavy servings of humble pie.

10. Always down for a good time 

Doesn’t matter what the adventure is. Chris is down. Star Wars marathon. Club hoppin. Rays Games. If he’s not studying to be a nurse, he’s in. All this adds to up him being the perfect roommate and someone I’m glad to call my bestfriend!

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