The Greatness That Is Trap Queen

When I look back on 2015, a couple phrases will ring out in my head. They are:


“Hey. Wassup. Hello.”

And, “She my trap queen. Let her hit the bando.”

These words and more became yelled out on snapchats, instagram captions everywhere, and life mantras to many people. And they all came from one beautiful song made by the not so beautiful of men.

The song? Trap Queen. The man? Fetty Wap.

Few songs hit my ears and immediately register as “all-time.” Songs like Yeah, Unwritten, and Ignition come to mind. I’m happy to say that Trap Queen can place it’s name among those unforgettables as well.

On the surface, Trap Queen sounds like a gimmicky everyday rap song about thug life that is fun to listen to maybe once or twice. Maybe strictly when you’re out and six drinks deep.

In actuality though, it’s so much more. It’s actually a love song, masked as an urban banger, laced with memorable lyrics and ad libs, over a beat that’ll immediately make you turn your head.

It’s got that street edginess, all the while detailing affection towards a special someone. Every guy wanted a trap queen after hearing it. Every girl wanted to be a trap queen when it ended… I’m sure… (Disclaimer: I polled no ladies before the making of this post.)

The beat starts to play and you hear the word “Remyyyy. Boyz. Yeah.” followed by “1738.” and you know it’s time to leave the mall and get fly with your baby.

By the end, when the guy says, “You hear my boy sounding like a zillion bucks on a track?” You can’t help but think, Yeah! I did hear your boy and it did sound like a zillion bucks.

It’s one of those songs that no matter where it starts you can immediately sing a long. To be honest, while it may have deserved an “it’s overplayed” tag during its peak spins, it’s still a song that can very much get any crowd going at a bar, a club, or just a car full of good vibes.

What Fetty Wap created may one day be duplicated, but I can’t help but think it was lightning in a bottle. In my eyes he will always be a one hit wonder, not because he can’t create anything else great. He’s had a fair share of other “hits”. But there will never be reaching the apex that was Trap Queen, just because the apex was so grand.

Similar to a Yung Joc with a “Goin Down”.

With the Grammy’s on this day and Valentine’s Day yesterday, it’s a time to celebrate good music and love. So, here’s to Trap Queen, a song that mixed the two in a way that’s never been seen before and may never again.

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