Why Simba Lives in All of Us

I’ve been a lover of the Lion King for as long as I can remember, and I can’t help but notice the similarities it has to everyone’s actual life.

First you start as a chill baby. 

giphy (9)

But before you know it, you’re a kid that can’t wait to grow up (and be a King of some sorts).

giphy (8)

At this age, you ignore your teachers.

giphy (5)

You ignore your feelings for others.

giphy (4)

And your parents constantly try to give you advice on where to go (and where “you must never go.”)

200 (1)

There comes a time (as sad as it might be) when you have to say goodbye and go off in the world (usually college first).

giphy (10)

But it’s fine! In college, you learn to try new things. 

giphy (15)

You meet new people and learn different philosophies. 

giphy (12)

You won’t even notice, but slowly you grow up. 

giphy (20)

You can choose to spend your days relaxing.

giphy (1)

You may even fall in love (or realize you were always in love). 


You may get to a point where things are scary. 

giphy (21)

But if you listen to your teachers and mentors (even when it seems like they’re just hitting you in the head). 

giphy (3)

And admit to yourself when you’ve done something wrong.

giphy (23)

Then you may discover…

giphy (25)

Who you truly are. 


giphy (17)

If you do that, you too will find the lion that lives in you, because there is a lion that lives in all of us. 

giphy (26)

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