10 Things I Miss About FSU

Man. For the last five falls, this is the time of year where I sit by the computer, hitting refresh, hoping to slide into a needed class before drop/add ends. Not this year though. This year I’m sitting at my cubicle and living vicariously through my friends on Snapchat who are still living the dream. (You can’t college forever…) That doesn’t change the fact that there are still plenty of things I miss about the marvelous school that is my Alma mater, The Florida State University. Here are the top 10 things that immediately come to mind.

The Five and Dime

The creme de la creme of all breakfast foods in the Tallahassee area. When Atomic Coffee went down I had no idea that out of the ashes would be a breakfast phoenix in the form of Maple Street Biscuit. I became a Friday regular during the tail end of my time at FSU. The employees always knew what was about to go down when I walked in the door. My only gripe is that it wasn’t open on Sunday’s, a fact I’ll never understand.

The 2014 Football Season

In 2013, we won it all (which was awesome). But in 2014 we defended it. In 2014, we flirted with losses damn near every game, only to walk away with another W. We won 29 straight. We beat Clemson in OT, rallied from being down 21-0 to Louisville, and beat Notre Dame in a way I still can’t wrap my head around. The nation hated Jameis, our team, and our fans, but we didn’t care. It was the Dallas to Dallas year, and though it didn’t end like we wanted, the journey was still awesome.


At Pots during the summer of 2013, at Winedown before it became too cool for karaoke, on date functions, and in the Campus Circle living room. Karaoke was a staple of my college experience. At least four times a week. You just don’t get that amount of quality karaoke seshes in the real world.

Dorman Hall 218

Where it all started. Where I learned to live on my own. Where a boy became a man. Dorman was too small, had horrible bathrooms, creepy hallways, but if I could go back, I would in a heartbeat. Dorman had something that these new fancier dorms lack. It had heart. FSU decided to tear it down and build a new Dorman. But that ain’t the Dorman I know. It’s a sad wannabe that happens to have the same name. I miss the OG.

College Ave

What’s on College Ave? Well, there’s of course Pots, Painted, 101, Standard, and Clydes. All great places. All places I miss. But if there’s something that shines brighter than them all, it’s the yellow house at 447 W. College Ave and all the brothers it housed in it. Lot of memories there. Lots of them I can’t remember. Lots of them I wish I couldn’t remember. Either way, the times there and the people there are unforgettable. RIP.

The Lipsmacker from Monk’s (jelly on the side)

Years ago, the gods gathered in the skies and sat out to create the perfect burger for a young Mat Hooper. They created it and then handed to Monks for me to find when I grew up. Well, I found it and I could never be more grateful. Thank you gods. It’s my all-time favorite meal in Tallahassee. Peanut butter and jelly on a burger. I thought it sounded gross once. I could never have been more wrong.


Gamedays. Can I just say that? Do I have to explain anymore? I miss gamedays! If you’ve experienced just one, you feel me. If you haven’t, then I’m so. so. sorry for you.

Being an Orientation Leader*

(*and FIG leader… can’t be biased)

I oddly got involved a lot at FSU. I promise I never saw that coming. But out of everything, nothing topped being an Orientation Leader (and FIG Leader). Besides the cool polos and socks, it was dope introducing future Noles to the school and maybe playing a part in them loving FSU as much that I did.

Proximity of Friends

The most underrated part of I guess any college. Having all your friends in a five mile radius (fuck you if you lived any further). Nothing beats that. No matter where you were, there was always a friend right around the corner. Meeting up for big outtings was easy. Pregame here. Birthday dinner here. Stroz sesh. Gamedays! It ain’t like that in the real world. You got weddings and funerals to bring everyone together. Smh.


Need I say more?

Yes. Yes I do.

The last great Tallahassee club. Lots of places have tried to recreate the Bajas magic, but ALL have failed. On their ninth anniversary, Bajas had 9-for-1 specials.


You went up to the bar and asked for one whiskey-ginger and the bartender would come back with nine and say, “That’ll be four dollars.”

In every aspect, Bajas was absurd. From the drink specials to the stripper polls to all the closings and reopenings. It wasn’t for the weak-minded. Many didn’t venture in there, or went in once and never returned. Only the brave and somewhat derange became regulars, (like me). I couldn’t turn down a night at the Ja even if I tried. So many magical moments happened there. When I discovered it my freshman year, on a ladies bikini night, my life was never the same. I may have joined a frat strictly to have more friends to enjoy Bajas with.

What a place man. I miss it so, and wait for the day of it’s next reopening. It’s bound to happen. Bajas doesn’t die. It always comes back. And when it does, I’ll return to Tallahassee.

I can’t miss that.

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