Grow Up, But Stay Young

Today’s my birthday. Woohoo! I just turned my Kobe year. One over Jordan. The Big 2-4. 

Holy shit that’s old. I mean damn, we were 16 and getting our driver’s license the other day, right? 

It’s true. Times flies. But we’re way to young to be feeling old-old yet. Old-old is like 30 (and when we turn that we’ll push it back another 10 years). 

But right now, too many people turn 22 and feel like they should have their career path lied out. They turn 23 and think they need to be in a FBO relationship with their soulmate. Turn 24 and shit. Time to stop going out and get to family planning. 

Those people got it all wrong though. They’re letting whatever pressures of the world make decisions for them. 

See, graduated or not, 24 or 21, we’re still young. People should be bouncing between career paths like its hopscotch right now. Your soulmate is still growing. Chill out. 

We’re at the age of getting fired and quitting jobs. The age of getting heartbroken and breaking hearts. The age of grad school and teaching abroad. The age of road trips, bartending, and blogging (aye!). Mid twenties should be focused on chasing dreams and making mistakes. Not settling, giving up, and becoming complacent. 

We don’t need to have it all figured out yet. I’d argue we don’t need to have anything figured out yet. 

Samuel L. Jackson was 40 when he was in Pulp Fiction. Ben Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence at 70.

We got so much life ahead of us. 24 is young. And I’m gunna live like it. If you’re twenty-anything, you should too. 

Let’s not our age tell us when to slow down. (I’m sure as hell not letting 24 do that.) Life will find another way to do it for us. 

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