Perks of a Girl BFF

On a dark and lonely night in the basement of Dormam Hall, a young boy met a young girl named Erin McGregor. The next day the two got lost looking for Bill’s Bookstore and an unbreakable friendship was born. The young boy couldn’t quite put his finger on why the friendship was so great. After all, she was a girl who fell down all the time (like literally all the time). Years later, the boy has tried to put down in words the perks of having a girl BFF. They might not hold true to every girl-guy BFF combo, but they hold true for them. Here they are:

1. You can dabble in making videos while they try to study

“Sitting in Erin’s Room” went on to win three Hoopies that year.

2. You can force them to drop all their plans and play in a co-ed flag football tournament

Or just take pics with in the living room of your apartment before you have to play.

3. They’re perfect for jamming to your favorite middle school songs and having life talks about all yo ex’s

Let middle school Ciara come on while we’re in the car. See what happens.

4. They make great great mall partners when you wanna show off your blonde hair

The final days of the Summer of the Blonde.

5. They’ll teach you to creep on all yo ex’s

I’ve never seen anything like her creeping skills.

6. They’re perfect to travel across the country the season your school wins a National Championship

Lorddd we crushed Clemson that year. Lololol.

7. You’ll always have someone down for dinner when it’s your freshman year and you know 5 people

And Hungover breakfasts at Suwanee on Sundays.

8. They make great gym partners for two days, only to fall off the rest of the week with

We were better at hashtags than working out.

9. They’re perfect to have around for eachother’s big life events

Long way from the Dorman basement…

10. And you can fart in front of them without fear of judgement 

This will always hold true.

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