Best Breakfasts in Tampa

Last Updated: December 18th, 2016

The Brunchery

My dish: The Feature

On the surface, it looks like a normal everyday breakfast, but deep down it’s infused with a magical spell of goodness. All the food is just above par (while the grits are amazing), but what makes the dish is mixing them together. Try any combination (eggs with grits, eggs with toast, bacon with grits, or my favorite EVERYTHING in one bite), and you have a new dish everytime. Everything compliments eachother and takes an above ordinary plate to something extraordinary. 

Restaurant: Settled in the quiet suburbs of Tampa, its mom and pop at its finest. Small. Friendliest of servers and hosts. And their theme? Chickens. Chickens cover every inch of the restaurant. 

Verdict: Go. Just go. Commit. And enjoy. 


My Dish (1): Pancake Sandwich

On creativity alone this dish is worth trying. It’s a pancake sandwich and the ingreidents feel specifically chosen for the best taste. Slather the butter. Pour some syrup. And enjoy. You’ll be mighty stuffed after, but comepletely satisfied. 

My Dish (2): The Ultimate Fried Egg Sandwich

Not a bad substitute to the Pancake Sandwich and won’t leave you as full. The bread is soft and the mix of flavors keeps it from getting old. Not revolutionary, but a solid dish. 

Restaurant: Small. A bar takes up half of it. Has an old school feel, but isn’t necessarily trying for anything. It’s a place that knows it has great breakfast and isn’t trying to focus on something else. 

Verdict: A must if looking for breakfast in Tampa. An absolute must. Go. 

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