About Hooper’s Bloopers

*Clears throat*

I’m not too sure how you got here. Possibly followed a link that I posted on some social media site… Or (as I hope to one day be the case) I’ve finally made it big and random people are coming to this blog because they just can’t get enough of what I have to say…

Whatever it may be that brings you to this blog, I just wanted to say “welcome.”

With that said, the “About” post serves a purpose and I believe that purpose is to give an overview of the blog. Give a little insight on what visitors might be getting in to.

I got bad news though… I can’t describe this blog… How could I with this being technically my first post? I’m not sure what it is. I’m not sure what it’ll become. I don’t know if it’ll be comedic or sad. Make you happy or mad… Little rhyme for ya.

….to be perfectly honest, I’m not even too sure what a blog is…

What I do know and what I can tell you, is that this blog will without a doubt and unequivocally be me. Me. Mat Hooper. Coming at you 100%. My words. My thoughts. My theories. My life.

That much I can tell you.

If I scared you… I’m sorry… But this is what it is…

And this is and this will be Hooper’s Bloopers.

No, it won’t be just funny stories of me. “Blooper” just happens to rhyme with Hooper and it just seems to be a strong name for my blog. Right?

While, I can’t really define what my blog is, I do have some general topics that I hope to hit on a regular basis.

Don’t worry. I’ve seperated them all into categories which all can be found under “The Bloops”. The categories will be Life Tales, Theories, Love Lives, Sports, Movies, TV, Music, Random, and Short Stories.

The categories pretty much define themselves.

Whether you enjoy these topics or not

I apologize now for the length of my future posts, but you won’t find me apologizing again. When it comes to my future posts I’m going to write what’s on my mind until I feel satisfied enough to post it. This could lead to pages of work.

Also, from this point forward I shall refer to all my followers and readers as Hooperonis… like pepperonis… Cool right?

So, Hooperonis welcome… or goodbye forever.

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