Hooper’s Bloopers

– What It Is –

When I was a kid… a younger kid… like an eight or nine year old kid… I started creating things using paper, pencil, and my imagination.

I created stories, comic books, video games, my own trading card game, and so much more. And all these childhood creations went in a large box that remained in a closet in my room.

As I grew older, and began doing things like going to college and getting a job, my time spent adding to my box diminished, and eventually stopped. The box became something I visited periodically when I wanted to feel nostalgic.

Well, that has come to an end. I’m no longer a visitor. I’m a creator again. The box is back and creations are being added to it.

Ya see, this blog is the box! The creations are each blog post!

My pencil has transformed into a keyboard. My piece of paper has become Microsoft Word or the Notes app on my phone. My imagination has never left. 

I’ve wrapped the box up in pretty wrapping paper that has details of my Adventures, strings from my Friends, sprinkles from my Dreams, bows from my Loves, crumbs of my Breakfasts, all with a Disney sort of vibe.

It’s still mostly for me to look back on when I feel nostalgic, but feel free to check it out and make what you want out of it. 

You can see my newest blog posts (or as I like to call Bloops or Bloopers) below or by checking the above tabs.